Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What to do with this name now

Another logo, I don?t know, but I am just not feeling it anymore. At first I was very excited about the possibility of using URICAL as my new company name, but now I am just not feeling it. I have to tell you, the word URICAL comes from the first three initials of my BBF and my last name. Being as we are some day getting hitched I thought it will work out in the end. But now that we are having issues (like always) and I am thinking maybe it is not such a good idea after all. It will be like getting a tattoo of your significant other and you all know where that leads to, a breakup and bad name tattoo of the person you wish you never met. I don?t want to jump ahead of myself and I think I will change my blog name entirely. It will be something like ?Becoming of a New Business? or something like that. That way if I change my mind (which I been know to do very often) about the name I can do so without any problems. I know Blogger is free and all, but I also don?t want to take advantage. Soon you will see an entry where I will direct you to a new blog. This new blog will keep me focus on my art work and the making of my new business. Later Dudes!

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